IRC-Y Thermometer & Face Recognition Intelligent Helmet
  • AI real time warning,
  • Realize the functions of monitoring the surrounding heating personnel, and obtaining evidence by synchronous video and audio recording on site
  • Intelligent command based on cloud platform
  • Fast identification of people in the visible range
  • Vehicle identification on the opposite side
Application Field

Thermography, Video recording, Remote interaction, Face recognition, License plate recognition.

Product Features

  • Non-contact remote temperature measurement

    Using high precision thermal imaging mechanism to achieve accurate temperature measurement effect.

  • Face detection + recognition speed of more than 10 frames per second

    Real time frame by frame recognition based on Qualcomm brand 625 processor

  • Optical waveguide display technology

    Support 720p high-definition optical waveguide, virtual display of large screen effect

  • Real time comparison of 100000 level blacklist in the front end

    Maximize CPU computing power for real- time face comparison

  • Support offline comparison

    Local comparison can be performed when offline

  • Standard OTG interface

    The helmet adopts standard OTG interface, which can be compatible with most police communication and mobile phones based on Android platform

Specification of the day camera

HD video unit
Image sensor 5 million pixels CMOS
Video resolution 1080P@30fps, 720P@60fps
Visual angle 30° long focus, 75° short focus
WiFi 2.4G
Storage Max256GB,TF card
Thermal imaging unit
Resolving power 384×288
Frame rate 25Hz/50Hz
Temperature measurement distance 1~5m
Temperature measurement accuracy ±0.3°C
Optical waveguide unit (optional)
Optical machine type Arrayed optical waveguide display module
Resolving power 1280×720
FOV 26 ° diagonally
Transmittance >80%
Interface TYPEC interface x1
Power Supply Built in 3000mAh lithium battery