Ground Surveillance Radar
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Our Ground Surveillance Radar – First Choice in Border Surveillance, Port Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection

Miltronix state-of-the-art range of Portable Ground Surveillance Radar brings a high performance and reliable solution to homeland and border security requirements. Designed for missions such as border surveillance, force protection, port and harbour security and critical infrastructure protection, these radars offer a low cost of ownership without compromising on performance. Miltronix Portable Ground Surveillance Radars have a small form factor and are lightweight, with a low-power draw making them ideal for Man Portable Radar solutions. These radars have integrated high performance Electro-Optical / IR cameras with a cooled sensor and with a slew-to-cue feature that enables efficient target tracking.

The systems can be deployed with multiple sensors covering a wide surveillance footprint as part of a wide area and persistent surveillance program. These radars can be configured to monitor areas ranging from as small as 10 degrees in azimuth to a full 360 degrees, while detecting slow moving targets with an extremely low false alarm rate. These radars can also track low-flying aircraft including helicopters, ultra-light aircraft and UAS. The Ground Surveillance Radar system can also be optimized for maritime applications such as tracking small watercraft, rubber rafts and small boats. Offering longer detection and tracking ranges than similar systems, these radars come with a sophisticated application software suite that provides sectoral coverage with multiple visual and audio alarms.

Ground Surveillance Radar – Salient Features

  • Capability To Cover 90°, 180°, 270°, or the full 360° in Azimuth
  • No moving parts
  • Extended Detection & Tracking Ranges
  • Fully Ruggedized To MIL Standards
  • In-Built Optical and IR Camera with Cooled Sensor
  • Slew-To-Cue Feature
  • Automatic GPS Enabled Base Map Generation
  • Continuous Zoom for both the Radar and Camera Images
  • Clutter Mapping Feature
  • Proven all-weather operation
  • Rapid set-up and tear-down
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface, and easy to operate
  • Low False Alarm Rate
  • Network-ready for Multiple System Operation
  • Remote Operation Capability
  • Ideal for integrated solutions such as cueing a daylight/IR camera
  • Low Ownership and Lifecycle cost

Ground Surveillance Radar – System Specifications

● Compact, Man Portable, Lightweight Design With No Moving Parts

● Detection range

Tanks/ICV: >10Km(RCS100m2)
Vehicles: >8Km(RCS30m2)
Personnel: >5Km(RCS5.0m2)
Single man: >3Km(RCS1.0m2)
Single man crawling at a speed of 2.1 Km/Hr: > 2 Km (RCS 0.1 m2)

● Resolution

Range: >15 meter at maximum range.
Azimuth: >3.5°
Elevation: >10°

● Acuracy

Range: 3 m at maximum range.
Azimuth: >0.5°

● Ruggedized PC / Visual Display Unit with:

Radar and Video Displays on Same Display
Ultra Rugged Notebook running the Miltronix custom Ground Surveillance Radar Software Suite
Powerful 4th Generation Intel Core i7 processor
Sunlight Readable Display with 1400 NIT Brightness
12 Hour Continuous Operation Without Battery Recharge
Multiple Sector Audio / Visual Alarms
Automated GPS based Mapping Engine Built-In to Auto-Generate Area Base Maps
B-Scope and PPI Radar Displays
Continuous Zoom Facility For Both Radar and Video Display
Close-Up Zoom Display With Separate Zoom Window
Sectored Zonal Audio & Visual Alarm Outputs with Multiple Alarm Facility

● Track While Scan With Slew-To-Cue Feature

● Graphics Display Software with:

PPI / B Scope Display of Radar Data
Multiple Sectored Area Surveillance Mapping and Monitoring
Radar Data Rotation, Pan and Tilt to enable Radar Data View from different angles
Continuous Digital Zoom
Clutter Mapping
Data Archival

● Low False Alarm Rate

● ECCM Features with Frequency Hopping

● Remote Operation of Radar System

● Rugged Remote Control Console with Wired Operation from up to 100 meters

● Optional Remote Wireless Operation with Built In Encryption

● Tripod Mounts with Bearing Drive and Tilt

Tanks/ICV: >10Km(RCS100m2)
Vehicles: >8Km(RCS30m2)
Personnel: >5Km(RCS5.0m2)
Single man: >3Km(RCS1.0m2)
Single man crawling at a speed of 2.1 Km/Hr: > 2 Km (RCS 0.1 m2)
Electro-optical System
Built In Daylight Colour and IR Thermal Cameras:

● Thermal Imager Camera With:

Cryogenic Cooled (DDC) IR detector
Advanced IR Detector with 640x480 resolution for sharper Thermal Images
Spectral range: LWIR/MWIR or both.
Field of view:Wide - 12.5x10o (min.), Narrow - 2.5x2o (max.)
Magnification:Minimum 4x (continuous zoom)
Digital zoom:4x (min.)
Automatic and Manual focusing
The camera initialization:< 8 minutes time to ready
Penetrates darkness haze and smoke

● Day Camera With:

CCD/ CMOS:Colour Camera
Optical Zoom:4x
Digital zoom:4x
120 V – 240 V AC or 24 V Rechargeable Battery Operation
Operation:-20° C to + 55° C
Storage: - 40° C to + 70° C
MTBF:> 20,000 Hrs
Compliant With FCC Part 15